Eastlake PAL

Cops, Kids, & Community. 


October 20

Teen Dance

October 27

Halloween Teen Dance

November 3

Teen Dance

November 10

Teen Dance


Fall Hours

Monday: 3:00-8:00pm 

Tuesday: 3:00-8:00pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 3:00-8:00pm

Friday: DANCE ONLY 7-10pm

Just look for the OPEN sign in the front window.

**Hours are subject to change without notice.

Important Updates

Gray Riders Dice Run for EPAL T-Shirts
are still available for purchase
$8 each
Please call if interested

EPAL was started in 1995 to help getting kids off the streets and teaching them alternative activities and the wrongs of drugs, violence, and theft. It is about Cops, Kids, and Community coming together.

EPAL is a Non-Profit preventative program designed to promote positive behavior, self-esteem, and develop leadership qualities in the local youth, 5th through 9th grades, through educational programs, physical activities, leadership training groups, among other activities.

Community Center, Rec Center, Teen Dances, Teens, Willoughby-Eastlake, Ohio